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Lahore Division Cattle Market Management Company

A New Pioneer Has Arrived

The LDCMMC has been tasked with the establishment, organization, maintenance, and promotion of the Cattle Markets of Lahore Division. These include the Shahpur Kanjran Cattle Market, the Sheikhupura Model Cattle Market, the Nankana Sahib Cattle Market, the Kasur Cattle Market and the Pattoki Cattle Market.

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An End of the Commission Mafia

In past, different commission mafias were operating in the Traditional Cattle Markets. Some commission mafia agents sold Ruminants to buyers and charged commission fees. This practice increased the prices of Ruminants being sold in the market. Buyers and innocent citizens hesitated from visiting the Cattle Markets.

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The Model Market Concept

There are a total of 114 Cattle Markets in Punjab.Of these, 10 Cattle Markets will be converted to Model Cattle Markets. The 2 largest Cattle Markets of Lahore Division, Shahpur Kanjran Lahore and Sheikhupura Cattle Market, are a part of this process. The Sheikhupura Market has already been converted into a Cattle Market;

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Free bathing services give the Ruminants a fresher look

LDCMMC has been working diligently to create and maintain clean markets. Cleanliness staff works round the clock and employs a staff of well managed workers for this purpose. A cleaning manual is in the process of being issued to ensure standard cleaning procedures.


Free Services decrease end user costs

As part of its mandate, LDCMMC is striving hard to provide free basic facilities to both the Ruminants and the Traders. As a result, free security, toilets, water supply, electricity and parking are provided at all of the Markets. These facilities were heavily charged in the past.

Client Testimonials

Customer Testimonails

The Cattle Market Management Company has totally changed the traditional selling and buying concept at the Cattle Markets. No offloading and other forced fee is being charged, and hence, I am feeling free to sell my cattle on maximum price without any fear.

Ashfaq Hussain Bhatti

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  • Mondays-Saturdays: 9AM to 5PM
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